Anonymous: I miss you a lot, please come back

aww my god thats really sad

Anonymous: Ate you at a mental hospital?


Ok so I will explain why I haven’t been online for a month now

So I’m in a horticulture (garden) therapeutic program in Kona, Hawaii. 

Remember when I asked if it is legal for parents to send their kids away without their permission when they don’t have addictions or life-threatening habits? Yeah so it’s legal. And they did that.

So basically I was awoken early in the morning and had my phone immediately taken away so I couldn’t alert anyone of the online world of my situation. I didn’t even know that this program would restrict access to the Internet, communication with your parents, and good food.

Yeah so I’ve been here for about a month and at first tried reallyyyyy hard to get out because I found this to be ridiculous since my anxiety (why I was sent here) has gotten much better and this would have been suitable if I was still 14 (or at the place I was in when I was 14). But now I’m like “Okay I’m just gonna deal with this and try to get something out of it.”

So if you’re wondering what I’m doing all day, I’m literally just gardening. It’s not fun. But whatcha gonna do? (nothing is the answer)

Yeah, this program on average is about two months long, so I might be halfway through it, or might be here until I’m 24 since the therapist that has been assigned to me has told me they have a young adult program. (I’m kidding hopefully I’m out of here by Halloween but that is very unlikely). (jk i was just told I’m going to be here in November. Ew)

So I do not really wish to be here but I am going with the flow. And this is probably the only time throughout my “short” stay here I will be given access to the Internet and this is a really rare opportunity and I am very surprised they are letting me do this.

And I’m running out of time so this is goodbye for now and yeah I”m sorry I am not here I miss my dog lalalalalalala okay bye

im going to make a post k



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